Mound System Lawn Care

Mound system lawn care is often overlooked by the home or business owner. Herbaceous plants, such as wildflowers and grasses, are good choices for mound system plantings. Grasses are especially desirable due to their fibrous root systems which hold soil in place. Grasses also provide year-round cover. The following native prairie plants grow well on …

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Drilled Well Components

A drilled well is not as complicated as one might think. When the kitchen faucet is opened, water will be pushed through from the pressure tank where water is stored. When the water line pressure drops below 40 pounds (typically) then the pressure switch will engage and send power to the submersible pump. Well water …

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What is a septic system?

What is a septic system? Wastewater carries disease-causing bacteria, infectious viruses, household chemicals and excess nutrients that must be removed. If you are not hooked up to city sewer or a sanitary district, your septic system is your wastewater treatment facility. Though it is much less complicated than a city’s facilities, it serves a similar …

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