Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank pumping is a necessary part of your business or home’s regular maintenance. Such maintenance can help extend the life of your septic tank and drain field. Wisconsin Administrative Code SPS 383.54 requires that all septic systems be maintained. It requires an inspection at least every three years, and that the tank be pumped when it is needed. We at Allied Well, Septic & Pump recommend having your tank pumped once a year to extend the life of your system.

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The primary purpose for septic tank pumping services is to remove any accumulated solids that can no longer be digested by the bacteria and microorganisms in your tank(s). If septic tank sludge accumulates too much, high use events like laundry can stir up the tank and send the solids out into the drainfield. If this happens, the solids will flow out of the treatment tank, and either settle out in the POWTS pipes, or in the drainfield. This can, and does, eventually lead to problems with the septic tank or drainfield. By removing these solids (septic tank sludge) your POWTS system will last for a longer period of time.

Many septic system owners assume as long as their used water “goes away”, their system must be working properly. Septic systems must be designed specifically for your site’s conditions and installed correctly. Only regular maintenance and evaluation of the system can ensure that it is actually treating your sewage.

Licensed Septic Tank Pumping Service Providers

Best Septic Service
Greg Sidoff
PO Box 338
Plover WI 54467

Hyler Septic Service LLC
PO Box 625
Waupaca WI 54981

Niemo’s Manawa Septic
N8965 Swamp Rd
Ogdensburg WI 54962

Brady’s Septic Service
W12366 Cty Hwy. G
Gresham WI 54128

J L Enterprises
W2113 Cty. Rd W
Seymour WI 54165

Pro Septic Service, LLC
Chris Sobczak
314 Martins Ln
Stevens Point WI 54481

Budsberg Septic Service
Jason Budsberg
10206 Locust Rd
Rosholt WI 54473

Johnson Septic
Ken Johnson
N11311 Cty Hwy P
Iola WI 54945

R T Sanitation LLC
Route 3
Pulcifer WI 54164

Driftwood Septic
N5885 Hwy 45
New London WI 54961

Kuettel’s Septic Service
N2057 Cty. Hwy. T
Hortonville WI 54944

Schoenike Septic
W8868 Butternut Road
Shawano WI 54166

Flush, Inc.
2540 Carlton Ave.
Appleton WI 54915
920-982-7455 or

Little House Septic Service
N6067 Leopolis Rd
Shawano WI 54166

Trebco Services, LLC
PO Box 191
Amherst Jct WI 54407

Heimbruch Septic Service LLC
E7208 Nicolai Rd
Manawa WI 54949

Maverick Pumping Service
PO Box 834
Wautoma WI 54982
715-258-5452 or 920-787-4898

This is not a complete list of available septic tank pumping service providers, but rather a list of those commonly doing work in Waupaca County. Addresses and phone numbers provided are based upon information currently available on the internet. The list of service providers shown above is intended as information only and does not constitute an endorsement of their services over any other business that may be available to provide the same septic tank pumping service to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

My system isn’t used much, do I have to have It Pumped?

As long as there is a building and a septic system, it is required to be at least inspected. If it doesn’t need pumping, a licensed plumber could complete the inspection for you. Only a licensed pumper or plumber can do this.

Who is allowed to do the inspection and enter it on-line?

A licensed master plumber, licensed master plumber-restricted service, licensed journeyman plumber, licensed journeyman plumber-restricted service, certified POWTS Inspector, registered POWTS maintainer, certified septage servicing operator.

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