Drilled Well Components

A drilled well is not as complicated as one might think. When the kitchen faucet is opened, water will be pushed through from the pressure tank where water is stored. When the water line pressure drops below 40 pounds (typically) then the pressure switch will engage and send power to the submersible pump. Well water will be pumped up through the drop line and into the pressure tank. When the kitchen faucet is closed the pressure tank will continue to be filled until the pressure switch reaches its shutoff pressure (60 pounds, typically). Is your well pump not working or meeting your needs?

drilled well components
This illustration is to demonstrate some of the drilled well components that can be included in a water well system. Not all components are required for a drilled water well.

Drilled Well Component List

  1. Submersible Pump
  2. Check Valve
  3. Heat Shrink Splice Kit
  4. Male/Female Insert Adapter
  5. Clamps
  6. Torque Arrestor
  7. Safety Rope
  8. Cable Guard
  9. Cable Tie
  10. Well Casing
  11. Drop Line
  12. Rope Insert Adapter
  13. Pitless Adapter
  14. Relief Valve
  15. Tank Tee
  16. Drain Valve
  17. Check Valve
  18. Well Cap
  19. Nipple
  20. Pressure Gauge
  21. Lightning Arrestor
  22. Pressure Switch
  23. Ball Valve
  24. Pressure Tank
  25. Pump Saver
  26. Safety Switch

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