Septic Systems In Iola, WI

We provide installation of septic systems in Iola, WI. Homes and businesses in Iola without village sewer access must provide their own on-site waste water treatment, also known as a septic system. These systems are similar to waste water treatment facilities used by cities across Wisconsin. They are designed to remove chemicals, nutrients and pathogens before the waste water enters our groundwater, lakes and streams. Do you need a new or replacement septic system?

Do you also need a well? Ask us about a well and septic package deal to help you save money on your project.

Increase the life span of your septic system with a few basic preventative measures.

  • Do not dump paints, chemicals or medications down the drain.
  • Minimize your use of harsh cleaners, bleach and detergents.
  • Avoid letting food, grease and feminine hygiene products into your septic system.
  • Install low-flow fixtures to conserve water.

Pro Tip
Before purchasing land to build on, it may be wise to have the soil tested. Some sites are not suitable for conventional septic systems. A Certified Soil Tester (CST) can determine the type of system your site will allow. Backhoe pits must be dug by the CST to determine the physical characteristics of your soil.

Septic Systems – Iola Area

Septic systems in Iola, WI

Septic Systems – Other Areas Served

We provide replacement and new septic system installs to Iola and surrounding areas, including Amherst, Scandinavia, Ogdensburg, Waupaca and Manawa, WI. Under Wisconsin’s Statutes, we are licensed and ready to design and install your new septic system.

You Should Know
A failing system is defined as one that backs up into the house, surfaces to the ground, or enters surface water or groundwater. This may be due to poor design, poor location, overloading of the system, lack of maintenance, or age. If the problem persists after the tank has been pumped, you may need a replacement system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cheapest Septic System That Can Be Installed?

A conventional septic system will be the least expensive option. Please keep in mind that the cost will still vary depending on size of the system which is governed by your soil test results and your home’s size.

Are Holding Tanks Legal In Wisconsin?

Yes, holding tanks are legal, but they may not be permitted for your use case. There are many determining factors for permits. Your septic system contractor will be able to provide you with more information for your particular circumstances.

How Do You Dissolve Sludge In A Septic Tank?

You shouldn’t try and dissolve septic tank sludge. The better solution is to have your tank pumped by a professional septic tank pumping service to remove sludge and the buildup of solids.

Will Using CLR Harm My Septic?

CLR (Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover) is septic safe. By the time it reaches your septic system it is has been neutralized by water.

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